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lix - Fan Community
「The swallowed world」
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Tainted Reality is proud to present lix at Tekkoshocon IX! Their appearance will consist of 2 full concerts, merchandise sales, autograph sessions, a Fan Q&A panel, and possible other surprises! Also tagging along with them, fresh from his explosive first collaboration with TR which ushered in our brand new videogame based programing, will be Angel Rodriguez, The Director of Awesome from ScrewAttack! He will be coming up, lending his unique personality to all of TR's events, and hosting our 2nd videogame tournament: CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS!!! More details to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Tekkoshocon IX will take place on March 31 - April 3 at the Wyndham Grand in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
30th-Nov-2009 10:58 am - Introduction★

Welcome to the First community for the new Visual Kei band LIX.

If you're interested & haven't joined yet,
please join & show your support for the band/community.

Any questions or comments you have about this community,
they can be asked in reply to this entry.

ThanksSupport LIX.

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