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The First Fan Community for VK band lix.

lix - リクス
Gt. 裕-Yuu- / Vo. 智尋-Chihiro

- ex. members -
Vo. 龍-Ryu- / Gt. 恭弘-Yasuhiro / Dr. 将-Sho-


"Light and shadow," "reality and dream," "ideal and fantasy"...
a band that illustrates a world of contradictions, and expresses new emotions at the center of illusion and madness through their own original sense: LIX.

Lix is a new Japanese visual kei band formed Novemeber 28, 2009 under the new label Starwave Records. Yuu, former guitarist of Suicide Ali, vocalist Ryu and drummer Sho (both from Wednesday) and Yasuhiro (from THE.GOLDEN SPIDER) as the other guitarist. They held their first live on the 30th of January at Nanba ROCKETS with the support bassist 樋口 裕介 (Higuchi Yuusuke) ex. 音鬼 (Oto-oni). Members Ryu, Yasuhiro, & Sho left the band as of September 25, leaving Yuu to continue the band alone. October 2nd the ohp was remodeled along with the name changinging from [LIX.] (read "lix altair") becoming:[lix] (read "lix"). Then October 9th the new vocalist joined the band named Chihiro.

Starwave Records
The new creation of the restless Kiwamu [Ex-BLOOD, GPKISM]. Starwave Records is a sister company of Darkest Labyrinth, specializing in Visual Kei, while stating a powerful presence, since its very first releases are already anticipated by fans worldwide.

October 6, 2010
LIX. 3rd maxi single [The swallowed world]

1. Re:vive -alt-
2. Lorelei
3. Abel
4. ID:alice -in the world-

Document of LIX. (57mins)

July 18, 2010
LIX. 2nd maxi single [Seimei no syuen]

1. altair -Rinne-
2. [ ]
3. Sanctuary
4. altair-Souzou-

February 3, 2010
LIX. 1st maxi single [Noah]

1. altair -meisekimu-
2. Re:vive
3. The stairs to [nightmare]
4. Hikari no Furu Sekai
5. altair -hakobune-

LIX. 始動![1st Contact]

LIX. 始動![2nd Contact]


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This community is in no way shape or form directly affiliated to the lix. In no way do we mean this community to bring harm to the band or label, made only in the hopes to extend their fandom beyond Japan. All images used here are without permission all copyrights are to lix Anything posted by members are their responsibility only. Thank you.

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